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Opera Mini

برنامج الشهير اوبر مينى لمتصفح الجوال الاول فى العالم فقط  ومعانا على جميع جولات  ال جى 

البرنامج معروف فى جميع دول العالم ومن مميزاتة انة سريع جداا وتكالبفة بسيطة جدا


The best version of this free mobile game, Opera Mini, will be presented to you, and you will be
asked if you wish to install it to your phone. Answer yes to each question. Opera Mini will then be installed on your phone. The installation is done "over the air" (OTA). Your phone company may charge you a small download fee (data charges). This is based upon your data plan; none of that money goes to us. Opera Mini is now ready to play! 


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